Shelia Liu. Full Chinkster. 18. San Francisco. PLUR, it's a lifestyle. Trance, EDM and hardstyle all the way. Gloving<3 Dedicated raver. Money motivated, on that grind. Army strong. Make-up free. In love with British television. Book fanatic and Hello Kitty obsessed.

RIP Andy Zeng<3 I miss you.

"Ask me a question ^_____^" 

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The Bloody Beetroots - Chronicles of a Fallen Love

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"The bad side I think is the commercialization, there are a lot of people who want to make a quick buck and don’t care about the ground work that’s been done by quite a few people who are really into this music because they’re passionate about it. I want to say to those fans “Don’t worry; we still got your back.” I never want to forget where I came from, I never want to forget my fans from the first hour and I never want to forget why I came this far. It’s because I believed in a type of music that wasn’t popular at all. I had my first chart success in the UK in 1996, so here’s grandpa speaking. It’s important to state that I’m still that guy and when I made that track I didn’t make it because I wanted to make a lot of money, I wanted to make that track because I believed in that type of music. So, this is the way I view the scene." 

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"When I hear women talking about how their wedding is going to be/was the best day of their life, I can’t help but think, You just haven’t taken enough MDMA in a field at 3 a.m., love." 

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